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Saint Potential®, a streetwear brand just crushed $45k sales in 2 days

Saint Potential was founded in March 2021 by 18 year old Jagger Belghali who had a vision of creating a community starting from the ground up. Diving head first into a new adventure that he would figure out as he progressed down the journey. "It’s been my dream to create a brand ever since I got into reselling sneakers when I was 13 years old and would always buy products from other brands and sell them for a profit. However, there was always that crazy dream in the back of my mind of actually being the brand that thousands of people were buying from. I became amazed with that idea to the point where I began trying to figure out ways to start, and now I have finally started." Jagger stands strong behind his message behind Saint Potential that if you have the potential to be great, why would you settle for less than the life you are capable of living? It is the idea that there is no passion to be found in playing small. Everything in life is gonna be difficult but if you truly want it you gotta go get it.

Jagger's unique short designs have become well-known as some of the coolest across social media, and Saint Potential needed to have just as a luxurious and seamless brand experience across their website for their customers. With Buildrbrand handling a full website revamp & adding conversion boosting functionalities, Saint Potential, now with over 10,000 loyal customers globally has enjoyed:


As we've seen across countless other companies, the fundamentals of branding, buyer psychology, and influencer marketing have allowed Saint Potential to grow into a booming brand in 2021.

1. Take your time selecting an E-commerce platform that will allow for maximum flexibility, it will greatly affect the level of control you have over your online business and your ability to create a memorable experience

2. Use best practices when creating your website, ensuring your store is always on brand, & has an inherently simple path-to-purchase by having the add to cart function always in view

3. Use past data in order to create a predictable selling experience

4. Going into 2022, finding ways to build SMS/Email lists will be a crucial channel for brands looking to increase revenues and engage existing customers

5. Invest your profits into longterm and sustainable growth. It might seem like a big hit at first, but always weigh in the compound effect over time in any business decision

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