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Brand Pierre® - Pierce Woodward's journey to 7 figures in eCommerce sales

Pierce’s story of success in the world of sales is nothing short of remarkable. He established his first-ever business at the age of 14, when he was in school. He dipped his toe into entrepreneurship by selling products from Supreme, one of the hottest clothing brands of that time. Supreme is known to make its products more exclusive and drive up demand through limited releases and underproducing according to the demand, making people want their products more.

Thankfully, Pierce’s parents were supportive of his entrepreneurial journey. When they saw how well he was doing, they let him skip school so he could build his inventory through a drop that Supreme was having at the time. A major motivator for Pierce was the entrepreneurial culture in his family. He was used to moving around with family nearly twenty-five times, which meant that family ties meant more to him than the place he grew up.

The desire to try something new was ingrained in Pierce from a young age, since he saw his parents take up different ventures and go through risks and toils without breaking a sweat. His parents always inspired him to make it on his own, and so he did. Moreover, they supported his decision to drop out of high school at 16 and start his own business, saying, “It’s about time.”

At 16, most people consider their high school diploma the ultimate measure of success, but Pierce wasn’t one of them. He explored new avenues and sought out greater possibilities, without being weighed down by the prospect of high school. This led him to launch his first-ever business: Brand Pierre. Even then, he didn’t have a lot to go on with.

Pierce planned to spend a couple of months in Europe with his family, but the pandemic had other plans. This led him to wander the streets of Florida with his luggage. He and his family were forced to go from one rental to another. It was amidst this chaos that Brand Pierre was formed. He started by crafting antique spoon rings with only a 2x4, bolt cutters, and a hammer. He learned this craft from a friend, and started putting up TikTok videos that soon started raking in thousands of views.

In no time at all, Pierce’s ring making videos were gathering hundreds of thousands of views, and when he was ready with his first product drop, the views almost touched 200k. The second product drop video fetched 4.5 million views! This was a sign that he made it. “It was insane to me to make something with my hands that other people would wear,” he is known to say.

Pierce and his team have made over 23,000 spoon rings and are now designing their own custom pieces. Pierce says he wanted to start doing his own designs to push his creativity. While most people require a lot of capital to start their business, Pierce started with the meager resources he possessed: a few tools, an idea, and the courage to try something new.

In the spring of 2022, we had the pleasure to meet Pierce Woodward, owner and founder of Brand Pierre. His vision included showcasing his various collections, showing how other influencers and celebrities enjoy his products, and also to walk fans through the design process – something that is relaxing and easy on the eyes. Our team at Buildrbrand was thrilled to partner with Brand Pierre in order to build the dream website that they had always envisioned.

Coming from a conversion focused background, we devised a plan to bring this new modernistic look to reality whilst optimizing the entire experience for customer ease of use. 

In the summer of 2022, Brand Pierre's newly reimagined website went live. Customers were then able to browse collections based on their dream types, easily figure out their correct sizes, & utilize a simplified checkout. Most importantly, we believe that Brand Pierre was now able to successfully convey the same warm & dreamy vibe, plus quality & craftsmanship of their rings on their website; which their fans fell in love with on social media in the first place.

The results were pretty amazing. As per Buildrbrand's data, Brand Pierre's conversion rate increased by 5.2% in only 11 days and held steady these last few months with a statistical significance sitting in the 90-95% range the entire time. We will explore some of these implementations made and how you can apply them into your business as well.

Custom Dynamic Header

Like most drop based businesses, custom headers are an essential to highlighting key promotions, new products, & establishing trust. It comes to an even greater advantage when they're super flexible and easy to edit. With Brand Pierre releasing a new ring design every month, they needed a dynamic solution that had an instant 'wow' effect the first few seconds a visitor lands on the homepage.

Shoppable Collection Sliders

A cluttered shopping section can be overwhelming and confusing for customers, which can lead to a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates. It can also significantly decrease page speeds due to having to load all of your product images at once. By creating horizontally scrollable product collections, you can save a ton of space on your website that can otherwise be utilized for product features or to tell your brand's story.

Shop By Dream

A large component of Pierce's brand is to cater to the dreamers of the world. The ones who create new ideas, take risks, and enjoy the little things in life such as traveling & nature. Pierce wanted a way for customers to be able to pick what inspires them most, that would then match them with the ideal collection based on the dream they selected. This is a great way to gamify the shopping process, and engage customers.

Infinity Press Sliders

Brand Pierre drew media traffic rivaling top fashion influencers and leading social media personalities, so we decided to showcase them all in a seamless animated loop. When potential customers see that your business has been featured in reputable publications or websites, they may be more likely to trust your brand and consider making a purchase. Press mentions can also help to establish your business as an industry leader and can be used to showcase your products or services to a wider audience.

Social Proof

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses, as it allows them to tap into the influence and reach of popular individuals or groups on social media or other platforms. In the case of Brand Pierre, Pierce had an outpour of support from influencers such as Noah Beck, Dixie Damelio, Vinnie Hacker, and over a dozen others. Pierce went on a spree of meeting up with each one, crafting custom rings for them, & filming collabs. The response this had was amazing, and we knew we needed to showcase this journey as one of the center pieces to the homepage. This is a great example of how building relationships with influencers and finding unique ways to collaborate on content can help drive massive brand awareness and engagement.

How It's Made Feature

Showing how your product is made on your website is an awesome way to engage and educate potential customers about your golden process. It can also help to build trust and credibility with customers by showing them the effort, care, and attention to detail that goes into creating your product. Brand Pierre has a fascinating process behind their craft and it was essential to create an interactive page dedicated to breaking down how they do it, step by step.

Custom Product Page Design

One of the most crucial pages you need to get right within your buying journey, the product page. With 99% of website traffic being on mobile, it's important to design your product pages in a way that seamlessly fits your brand's sales process. For a modern online ring brand, we knew we needed to simplify things to the basics. Brand Pierre needed a product page that matched the in-person process of buying a ring from a regular jewelry store, as closely as possible. That is... for customers to easily find out their correct sizes then making the right selections. We were able to effectively compress everything down inside of a single mobile viewport, reducing the need to scroll, and displaying only the important details to visitors. This proved to significantly improve conversions.


It's inspiring to say the least what Pierce has been able to accomplish in just a short period of time. One of the key takeaways that allowed Brand Pierre to become the spotlight brand it is today... is that success comes from adapting to change and being inspired by it.

1. Select an eCommerce platform that allows for maximum flexibility, it will play a significant role in the level of control you have over your brand and your ability to create a seamless experience out of it.

2. Having the ability to constantly adapt & progress the roadmap of your brand has always proven to be crucial. From redesigning your brand's experience, to simply taking the proper time to make sure each product photo looks studio quality. Details matter, and customers will take notice.

3. Structure your optimal sales flow utilizing existing behavioral data and consumer feedback.

4. Drop based models are becoming increasingly popular in the eCommerce space. The reason for this is it's an excellent way for businesses to drive hype, constantly keep their customers engaged with what they want, and earn repeat business. Make sure to offer incentives for SMS/Email signups, and that this data is recorded in your abandoned checkouts as well. This will come in handy when you have a new deal or offering to drop to your list. This also allows your business to segment your most engaged customers.

5. Pierce displays that being yourself will win over any regular marketing approach, especially when building a community of raving fans. Customers love seeing the natural process of your product being made and behind the scenes of your company. This paired in with a seamless brand experience gave Brand Pierre an unfair advantage against other jewelry brands.


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Speed score increase


Increase in AOV

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