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Aurelle®, a global swimwear brand's complete redesign

Aurelle, one of the global leading brands in the women's swimwear space for over the last two years, wanted to take their customers' shopping experiences to new heights. To do so, it turned to Buildrbrand. Taking advantage of our intuitive design based approach, Aurelle brought its brand to life with a completely reimagined website.

The goal at hand was to create an iconic experience for customers whilst optimizing for conversions & increasing order values using bundles. We were able to achieve this by completely redesigning the entire website, in pair with developing a custom bundle builder functionality as one of the leading offers to test in the fall.

The Size Hover

One of the most interesting things learned about the path to purchase in Aurelle's scenario is a customer's likelihood to make a purchase drastically goes up if they figure out what their size is early on, from the first few seconds they land on any page. It was important to design the homepage in a manner that showcased the sizing chart front and center with its own dedicated location in the navigation menu on hover.

Express Checkout Slide Cart

Accelerated or express checkouts such as Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal Pay, & Google save customer payment and shipping information so that returning customers can more quickly and efficiently complete payments for their beloved items. It's fairly well known in the eCommerce world that the majority of brands are seeing over 60% of their sales fueled by the use of express checkouts. For Aurelle, instead of simply having this option hidden away in the checkout, we decided to take it a step further and build this feature right into the slide out cart whenever an item is added to cart.

Shoppable Collections

Collections are one of the best ways to display a high volume of products, & also an opportunity for customers to add multiple products to cart within the same page. Aurelle needed a way for customers to be able to select their size and add any bikini to cart directly from the home and collections pages. To do so, we created a hover interaction for each collection item's size selector & add to cart buttons to fade in whenever a mouse goes over them. This creates a minimalistic look and feel throughout the website, & declutters unneeded elements.

Smart Product Pages

Product pages are one of the most intricate pages to get right when looking to have a high converting brand since it's the last full page potential buyers see before a decision is made. With mobile taking up over 90% of all traffic, it certainly needed to be optimized for ease of use. One of the many things we did was place the product title and reviews above each main product picture in order to capture users' attention with important details at the very top of the screen. Another important factor to think about on product pages is always having your buy button in view even on scroll. We were able to do this by developing a sticky add to cart button that pins to the top of the screen when the main button comes out of view.

Custom Bundle Builder App

Bundles have become increasingly popular in the clothing arena this past year. Some of Aurelle's best offerings include customers bundling in multiple swimsuits for a price that cannot be resisted. As a way to integrate this offer with a technological approach, we set out to figure out a way that we could gamify the entire bundle creation process. What we came up with was the perfect offer... If two full sets are selected, customers get their third for $0.

From prototyping to development, the newest chapter of Aurelle was finally launched in July of 2022. With a world of opportunity ahead, Aurelle will enjoy...


In conclusion, Aurelle is an amazing example of a brand that is constantly innovating around competition to differentiate itself from the crowd. There are some important fundamentals that have allowed Aurelle to grow to the size of the brand it is today that can be applied into many other businesses or industries

1. Great branding has always been the backbone of any successful brand. There's a relatable difference of emotion that a well-designed website radiates versus a poorly designed one. While emotions involve the physical response to an external stimulus, feelings are the result of the brain processing these emotions. These triggers can be evoked through the use of specific colors, animations, or unexpected rewards for a certain activity

2. Based on the product being sold, it's important to create ways for customers to easily find their very own specific preferences such as size or colors before they transition into their natural buying state. This can take many shapes and forms such as quizzes, easily available size guides, virtual reality/3D product experiences, and many more. The goal is to get creative & think of something unique to other brands

3. Using tools such as Hotjar to analyze your customer's path to purchase flow along with fall-off points is a valuable aspect to consider in any conversion optimization effort

4. Taking advantage of bundle offerings can bring a significant increase in order values and overall conversions. Finding unique and interactive ways to convince customers to purchase more than one item is a trend among brands only getting greater

5. Invest your profits into longterm and sustainable growth. It might seem like a big hit at first, but always weigh in the compound effect over time in any business decision

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